I offer a relaxed style of wedding photography and my passion to tell your story, my keen eye for light and a knack for capturing joyful moments guarantee compelling, glossy images that you will cherish.


It's your day, I'll generally be there as and when it suits you. I'll direct the shots (and get you into them) or I can disapear into the background and get great candid pictures with you hardly noticing. Jenny calls me the photo-ninja.

My Pictures

I'll capture the emotions, memories and details that fill your wedding, creating a stylish and evocative story of the day. It becomes something much more than just a record.  My photographs show people comfortable and as themselves, rather than forced into a series of contrived poses. I work hard to put everything into what I do and pride myself on creating stunning, style-packed pictures for you!


I have lots of experience in image retouching through my work in the advertising industry, creating visual effects for premium beauty and fashion adverts and retouching celebrities for television. So once your photos have gone through the magic of my digital darkroom process, you might not see those tired eyes, the annoying cold sore that appeared the night before, or the gap in the best man’s jacket where it wouldn't quite close…….!

Getting to know you

I always meet with couples personally or via video well before the wedding to discuss the approach. Getting to know you first means that I blend into the background at your wedding without interrupting you or your guest’s enjoyment of the day, but with the right knowledge to get the shots you want.

The Images

To show your photos to their best, I create carefully designed online galleries that are a great way to showcase the pictures to families and friends. I'll also create high quality luxury albums and photobooks if you wish, using a range of professional suppliers.